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        ABOUT US

     Establish at 1974, Our factory has grown to be the manufacture and supplier of Health
     and  Nutrition  Product  Softgel  Capsules   with  Pharmaceutical  standard  in  Jakarta,
     Indonesia.Servings its customers in almost 35 years,  our factory has a well deserved
     reputation for producing  in highest quality products and for giving  the finest levels of
     customer service available.

     We are  extremely  well versed  in  the creation  or  adaptation of products to address
     the unique market and regulatory needs of broads range of markets our serves.

     These product list. is no means a complete list of all our company products  but rather
     is  provides  a range of  products,  in  a  number of  general  categories,  intended  as
     a guide to our formulations.

     The formulations details shown are,  by necessity,  general  in nature,  as one product
     may have a number of variations developed  to meet  the individual  needs of a range
     of  clients,   in  a  number  of   countries.   With   its   Pharmaceutical   GMP   standard
     manufacturing facilities.
     If  the  product  you are  looking for is  not  the product list,  it could well be in the our

    Our motto : High Quality Product Create a High Quality Health & Beauty life.

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific product requirement.

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